top art museums around the world

Having enjoying art since year 7, did GCSE Art and AS Art; never would have thought I would have visited that many art galleries/museum around the world to give you a list of quality art museums recommendations!

I kept on reminding myself that holiday is a luxury for anyone and that we shouldn’t big up our own mind just because we have travelled. Travelling should widen your horizon and expand your eyes for others while it is not something used as a way of showing off.

Visiting art gallery are on my top list to do if they are interesting enough to be on my list. And surprisingly, from my last few trips I have managed to visit one in each country…

IMG_5693Arken Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen
Skovvej 100, 2635 Ishøj, Denmark

From any central station, take S line to Ishøj. Take the S train, line A towards Solrød/Hundige or line E towards Køge to Ishøj Station (this line doesn’t run on weekend btw), then take bus route 128 goes directly to the museum – it takes approx. 5 minutes. This bus is a circular route, so take it back at where you got off to get to the station.
You can also walk from Ishøj Station to Arken via the path system. This takes approx. 20 minutes.

I was torn between two contemporary art galleries, after some comparison and notes taken from tripadvisor, I have managed to convince my fellow travel buddies to go outside of Copenhagen with me and visit this infamous Arken Museum of Modern Art. It was an easy journey from Norroport station (absolutely, the best choice of staying location in Copenhagen!)
My visit was purely just to absorb what Danish art gallery has to offer and to my surprised not only would I see Ai Weiwei’s 12 zodiac work, I have also come across the exhibition of artist Gerda Wegener, whom was a famous Danish artist and its infamous story of its partner. And the recent movie called Danish Girl is literately based on this artist’s real life story. So it was overwhelming to have encountered her work; got to know her history better and you can associate some of the work with the movie as well. Did not regret making this trip out to Arken, which offers a combination of contemporary arts, even my non-art buddies enjoyed this visit.

IMG_8338Leeum, Samsung museum of Art, Seoul
60-16 Itaewon-ro 55-gil, Yongsan-gu, L5 Seoul, Korea 140-893. Opening hours 1030 to 1800.
Closed every Monday, January 1st, New Year’s and Chuseok holidays.

From Hangangjin Station (Subway Line 6) Exit 1, walk straight for 100m towards Itaewon. Make a right turn at the first alley, walk up the hill for about 5 minutes.

As much as little time I have in Seoul, I was keen to fit in this art gallery on my to do list. Not too sure why, but sense set me to visit at the time (haha). After visited the Mural art area in the morning, I opt for some more art works in the cold afternoon (probably best to be indoor right?) in this infamous Leeum, Samsung museum of Art.


You know, the mind-set that I have was European probably have the most art galleries of the world. So visiting one in Asia country was something exciting for me. I have been seeing the appearance of this sculpture many times on Instagram but taking a photo with your own camera seems like oh I have finally see it with my own eyes feeling. Frankly speaking, the modern art inside this gallery was somewhat pretty abstract, of course, even the definition of abstract can be quite vague in itself. Overall, I enjoyed that little strolled amongst the entire museum. And what I probably found most interesting was that some of its historical art are pretty similar to Chinese art.

IMG_5322Schloss Belvedere, Vienna
Prinz Eugen-Strasse 27, 1030 Wien, Austria

Get on the underground line U1 Sudtirolerplatz plus 15 minutes walking, would suggest using GPS for ease, Opening hours 10am to 6pm.

Finally saw The Kiss painting with my own eyes! I cannot emphasis this enough… Ever since I have studied Gustav Klimt’s work in my GSCE studies, I would not have one day think I will see this painting and I did! And what makes it really controversial was at that ancient period, people were more conserved on nudity art work or any work that portrait sexuality. And this piece of work, indeed, has become his famous piece. I wouldn’t say the piece was highly skilful like others of the same era, but something about this piece that would naturally draw people in.


Beside Klimt’s work, I did enjoyed a lot of other, Austrian artists’ work, still find oil painting a different level of art when compare to other medium. They have an exhibition of Impression but unfortunately, its not as great as the exhibition that I have seen in Musee d’Orsay in Paris.

PAR 061Musèe d’Orsay, Paris
Rue de Lille 75343 Paris, France

You can reach this museum either via metro station Solférino or RER station Musée d’Orsay, then you will need a short walk to the actual museum. Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00. Thursdays until 21.30. If you have a Paris card, you have fast track access.

Note, if you buy 24 or48 hours card and visited the places you want to visit within the first or two days, this makes your museum/gallery visit much cheaper!

This art museum is ranked 10th globally but i didn’t come here for its name. I came here for its collection of work. By far Musee d’Orsay has my favourite work of Impressionists of all time. The period of what that I admired a lot at the time of my art studies. I didn’t expect to see majority of them at the time of visiting this museum, until I have reached to the Impressionists Section, it was on the 3rd level if I recall correctly that I saw works of Monet, Manet, Dagas.. Etc. What’s draws me to love this period of work, its the fact how the output produces a soft capture of the subject rather than details, the colour, the stroke.. The overall atmosphere that these art work offers. You may not need to have studied art to love this type of work. Regardless, whether you have had an art background or not, I would still advise anyone to go and visit this exhibition. And see what you intepret from these type of work.

PAR 062Beside impressionist exhibtion, I saw a great selection of Van Gough’s work as well as admiring the interior of this gallery in itself which once was a train station turned into a gallery. Pretty amazing!


IMG_0695-2National Art Center, Tokyo
7 Chome-22-2 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo 106-8558, Japan. Open daily 10am to 5:30pm, closed on Tuesday.

You can reach to this art center by taking metro to Roppongi station. Following the internal direction and will lead you to the exit that’s closest to the art museum. Another short walk away, you will be happily arrived at this art museum.

This art museum doesn’t have any permanent exhibition but instead it offers periodical exhibitions of various work. While I was there, there was an anniversary art show (which I don’t understand the title in Japanese, of course). While on the other floor, there was Rene Magritte’s exhibition and this is what I went for in the end. Rene Magritte, not surprisingly was another artist that I have studied in A-level and funny enough, in one coursework of mine, I have adopted his style of work and turn my self portrait into his work alike. It was quite interesting (as any other exhibition) to finally see works that I am used to seen in exhibition catalogue but now with my own pair of eyes. I can even identified the pieces that I have used in my coursework. I never expected to see his exhibition and in Japan!


In general, I love the interior and the building itself, look at the shape! The interior was really spacious, they have loads of arm chairs dotted around for visitors, as well as chairs by the windows. There were loads of lockers for visitor to use and lock their personal items which I find very considerate. I spent a few hours there and wished I could go to another art gallery/museum but Mori Museum was closed. Very enjoyed this art museum and its vibe.


Van Gough Museum, Amsterdam
Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

We access this museum via foot as it was close to our hotel, in fact if I recall correctly, this museum is near the sign of Amsterdam, you get to kill two sights within one journey! This art museum opens daily 9am to 6pm, closes at 10pm on Friday.

We did queued a little to get into this art museum, to be honest with you, I didn’t do much research while going Amsterdam for a long weekend so when my friends suggested to go Van Gough museum, I have no objections to see his masterpieces with my own pair of eyes. Which I certainly enjoyed seeing, reading up on how he started, his history and how he got into painting landscape and his study of flowers which lead to his famous piece Sunflowers. I didn’t really admire his style of work when I was doing my art studies but yet, when you get to understand more of his background and how his work forms, I begin to appreciate his work a lot more than I used to.

The museum itself are divided into a few sections and levels, pretty big for one artist I would say. The museum were full of tourists, not surprised weren’t we, I guess the local would have probably visited this museum already. Though, what more can you ask for on a sunny day in Amsterdam, visiting art museum, came out and chill at the nearby park with a can of Coke. I would dearly recommend you to visit this gallery, very rare that I would buy an art catalogue but I did for Van Gough and I have said to myself from now on, I will build an art book collection of the museum or exhibitions that I have visited.

Oh and don’t forgot Musee d’Orsay has some pieces of Van Gough’s work too, if you like this artist, make sure you visit it too!


Museu Picasso, Barcelona
Carrer Montcada, 15-23, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

When I was there, I stayed at the Jaume I area where its nearest station is Jaume I, walk along the Carrer de la Princesa to reach it on your right hand side. Or like us, we did a little wander around the area before walking past it. This area has a lot of restaurants too, so its worth to plan your gallery visit along side with a meal after or before your art tour of Piccassso.

You know, I am not going to bored you, but Piccasso is again another artist that I have studied before, I guess when you have studied art for such a long period of time, it wouldn’t be a surprised with the amount of artists that I would have studied. Even when you visit art museum, you definitely would have take note of his work. Visiting to his museum has allow me to view his amazing pieces, transition from Classicism and Surrealism to Cublism. With the help of the audio guide, I have got to understand how his works were formed and what has influenced his transition from one type of work to another. I somehow lost a bit of my concentration with some of the sections within the gallery but nevertheless, I would recommend you to visit this gallery and understand his lifetime work and background.

Of course, Barcelona is not only home to Museu Picasso but nearby has Joan Miro, MACBA & MNAC etc. I need to go back and visit the contemporary art museum one day.


Royal Academy of Arts, London
Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BD

Quickest access is either via Station Green Park (Jubliee line) or Piccadilly Circus (Piccadilly Circus), after a short walk from either station, you will reach to an building with loads of exhibition flag/banners display. There is it you have reach to RAA. One of my favourite art museum in London.

I didn’t know this art museum until when my A-level art tutor suggested to the whole class that we should visit its annual Summer Exhibition. When I did made that visit, I was overwhelmed by the wide range of art work that the exhibition has to offered and through that I have identified some RA artists like Allen Jones, David Hockney, Ken Howard etc. I would definitely recommend you to visit its Summer Exhibtion, if you are around in the Summer. With the price of one ticket, you get to see a vast quality of work from all categories. I remember I have fallen in love with Allen Jones’ painting when I first saw it there; the vibrant colour that he uses on his work; how neat this painting was.. Yet, with Ken Howard’s work, I love his landscape painting of London. How his brush stroke has created that blurred but yet enable you to know that scene.

I still remember the exhibition that RA has held for David Hockney – “A Bigger picture” (in 2012) was one of the best exhibitions I have seen in recent year and really glad that I have went to see it, even though I felt the ticket price was pretty steep.

And recently, there’s a really good quality exhibition called “Painting the Modern Garden : From Monet to Matisse”, yet again, I felt so happy to be able to visit this exhibition, to see the famous piece of Monet’s Water lilies. Can’t imagine which other art gallery be able to pull all these good works together to form a quality exhibition. The interior of the exhibtion hall have changed to fit different floral theme or type of work. It was brilliant!


Sculpture in the City


Sculpture in the City 

Have you ever thought of exploring the City within the city that you’re living in right now? Probably not, particularly if you work in the City you would just want to go home straight away after work, right?

I would have done the same until I decided to look for the miniature sculpture of Tomoaki Suzuki.. and there I was walking about my ‘well-known’ city one day after work, instead of one sculpture piece of work I found many more.

IMG_1736Bells II – Kris Martin

IMG_1733Broken Pillar – Shan Hur

Some sculptures are blended into the actual environment of the city.. like this one, if you don’t go looking you wouldn’t have notice this sculpture and thought it exist ages ago…

IMG_1730-2Breakout II – Bruce Beasley

It feel pretty amazing that there are sculptures scattered around between tall buildings…

IMG_1725Charity – Damien Hirst

… Would urge you to slow down your walking pace and explore this or your city slowly.

IMG_1720Red Altas – Ekkehard Altenburger 

have to say, some pieces it takes a longer time to understand or might not have the same interpretation as others….  but nevertheless, use your own imagination to interpretation that piece of work!

…… on a side note, I really cannot interpret the Red Altas above. (Sweat~~~)

Miniature Sculpture – Tomoaki Suzuki

Favourite piece of this year….. Love miniature sculptures. Have you ever watched the anime The Borrower Arrietty, its about those little borrower that lives under house. Doesn’t it sound like Pixel’s Inside Out?

IMG_1706-2Miniature Sculpture – Tomoaki Suzuki

IMG_1585Days of Judgement – Cat 1 & 2 – Laura Ford

I bumped into this one random day without realising its part of the Sculpture in the City and it really caught my eyes like it did to this business man. You wonder why is this believe in suits but head are covered. Fat cat? but it also looks like a humanize rats.

Art is a beautiful that exist in this world and please go explore around this city, whether it is something you like or not, try doing something new will be good for you. Enjoy art. Explore this public art Sculpture in the City until Summer 2016.

Casa Tomada @ Saatchi Gallery


I must say I visit Saatchi gallery at least twice a year for its new exhibition, they have their new exhibition up approximately every six months to nine months. My brother must be my best buddy to visit galleries; you know as you grow a little older you rarely spend quality times with your siblings but more with your friends.  I do appreciate and treasure every single moment that I spend with my brother. Both of us have some kind of art background studied either up to A-level or degree level, so we admire and appreciate the wonderful art culture that London brings.

Have to say, biggest regret I didn’t go was not to to Royal Academy of Arts’ Summer Exhibition this year. Make it a must for 2015!


Our aim was to visit Pangaea: New Art from Africa and Latin America exhibition. I have to say sometimes you don’t get to understand each artist’s work at all, but just try to allow yourself to understand or intepretate what that art brings to you. This is the interesting part of admiring art, not everyone has the same intepretation.

The highlight of this exhibition to me, indeed, are the Casa Tomada by Rafael Gómezbarros, the website/guide says…

Casa Tomada, the work makes a very particular reference to a short story by Argentine writer Julio Cortázar, in which the inhabitants of a large mansion become invaded by elusive presences announced solely by muted sounds. In the context of these public art interventions, the metaphor reminds the viewer what Cortázar himself declared shortly before passing away: unless a country buries its dead, they will always be remembered as ghosts in the attic.


When you look at these sculptures and doesn’t even think of anything but wow, this look is well amazing! or with people stand in front of it and make scared expression.  However, when you discovered the meaning behind this work… and now when I look at it, I began to understand a little more of what the artist was trying to tell us.

… assembling of two human skull casts as if the Santa Marta-born artist were attempting to summon death in life… is to address the plight of millions of displaced people who constitute the invisible but pervasive mass of immigrants crossing the planet… tribute to thousands of Colombians who suffered internal displacement and violent deaths as casualties of the armed conflict that wreaked havoc in the country for the most part of the last fifty years…


….on a side note, will you want to be an ant ?

Touchable by Zheng yashu & Zheng aoyue

《触碰》 张娅姝 张傲月

突然發覺,個人工作以外的時間都看滿多電視的。 最近突然在Youtube上,看到中國好舞蹈的節目。 因好奇心作祟,便按了進去, 一按之下,目定口呆,是我愚昧還是我寡聞,什麼時候中國有那麼多好的舞者?

在中國好舞蹈的決賽裡看見這個雙人舞蹈,看完真的我很感動。 我不知道怎樣去形容那個畫面,我覺得是要你自己去看去感受的。那種畫面,也看見所有舞者背後的努力,苦練。你要排練多少次才可以跳出完美無缺的表演? 真的,有付出才有收穫的!!

也發展原來我是頗為眼淺的,因各個舞者離別說話時,我也哭了…. 感動感動.

Ferro Rocher tree


i m sure wedding planning will be a headache, my best friend requested me to make her a ferro rocher tree for her sweet table centre piece and there i was, made it slowly using the free times that i have got over the weekend…

something you need…
150mm polyethylene ball
golden tissue paper (of course this depends on your plant base colour)
a wooden dwell 12 or 15 mm
a plant pot
some plaster mixture

#1 cut the golden paper into a 9inch circle

#2 with the foam ball, poke a hole using your dowel. Use scissor to start off a hole then poke the dowel in to get a well fitted hole. And cut the gold tissue into 8 wedges too.

#3 using pvc glue and stick the gold tissue paper onto the foam ball.

#4 and make sure you do a coat of glue all over the whole foam ball. let it stick on the dowel to dry off. This takes a day at least.

#5 when the foam ball is dry.. you can do the plaster bit in the pot. mix the plaster mixture accordingly to the packet, pour it into the pot, put your dowel inside and the trick to keep it straight is either to hand the dowel straight using some accessories or do my easiest method, using tape and stick it all four and keep it straight. leave to set overnight.

#8 when the plaster are dry, next step will be to poke a toothpick into the ferro rocher, poke it to the point that it just got to the chocolate shell, this is the best point it holds the toothpick.

#9 first find the centre point, poke one chocolate in.. and gradually work your round it, forming a straight line. And on the second row, poke the chocolate in between the earlier one…. repeat until done.

#10 voila. =)