Ai Weiwei – Evidence


I was in Berlin end of May and randomly walked past Martin-Gropius-Bau, until I got back to hotel and decide what to do next few days that my friend and I goes, let’s go to Ai Weiwei’s exhibition. We probably cannot see this in London nor in Hong Kong China, might as well take the opportunity, right?


Modernism is the original creation of enlightened human beings, it is the ultimate observation of the meaning of existence and the misery of reality; it keeps a wary eye on society and power; it never makes compromises and never cooperates.
Ai Weiwei 1997 (quoted from “Ai Weiwei – Der verbotene Blog”, Galiani: Berlin, 2011)

Despite all the incredible hostility shown him in his own country Ai Weiwei decided to put on his largest one-man exhibition yet in Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau. On 3,000 square metres in 18 rooms and the spectacular Lichthof he will be displaying works and installations which were either designed for the Martin-Gropius-Bau or have not yet been shown in Germany.

The name he has given to his exhibition is “Evidence”, a term well known beyond the English-speaking world from American TV crime series in the meaning of proof that will stand up in court. It is a political exhibition that Ai Weiwei has designed for Berlin in his simple and spacious studio in the rural outskirts of Beijing.



IMG_9414The exhibition allows me to understand the troubles that one artist might encounter. And how Ai Weiwei has turn this into an art in itself. Also, amazed at his creativity mindset by turning the politicial issues in the form art.  How dare devil he is, to go against the people up there…  each piece of art represent some recent politicial issues that Ai Wei wei want us to understand and stand up to speak against… It may not totally relate to anyone outside of China, but yet it is something important to take note or be aware of, even as a general citizen. 

I will encourage you to go and see this if you’re in Berlin, exhibition ends on 13th July 2014.

Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin
Niederkirchnerstraße 7
10963 Berlin [Map]
Tel +49 30 254 86-0
Fax +49 30 254 86-107


The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises by Studio Guibli.

It has been said that this is the final farewell piece from Hayao Miyazaki, whom is the one of the founders of Studio Guibli.

I did not have any expectation of this movie but I did have had a good read up on the forewords from others and also, read up on wiki on the engineer who this movie was written based on. The animate movie for once seem more mature and it had kiss scenes which it never did in any of his previous movies.

The story line was a simple, based on the biography of Jiro Hirokoshi (1903-1982) which whom had a child dream to be an plane engineers and did become a famous one who designed the Zero fighter for the World War II. At the same time, Hirokoshi had fall in love with Naoko whom he first meet at the train to Tokyo and later again in the resort. (Watch the movie to know the full story!)

Yes, to some this movie is more adult themed but yet there was a lot of noises saying how could Miyazaki draw about a man who built planes for war!? I personally took this movie as an inspirational one that you can achieve your dream no matter how hard or how many failures you have encountered at the time of trying. The love that he and Naoko have are so unique and strong that; she knows how much plane meant for him and she wants to spend her last moments in life with him… In short, live your dreams!

I was in little tears at the cinema and although I don’t think this is my number one piece of Studio Guibli, but nevertheless I have fully enjoyed the movie.

The London Original Print Fair 2014












The London Original Print Fair 2014

With my limited awareness to the exhibitions or fair world, I did not even aware of this Original Print Fair until this year! What have I been missing all these past years?? And come on, to the beloved brother who does graphic illustration in university… this fair was closely linked to graphic art side of work. How could he not know about this?

Firstly, must thank Jealous Gallery in Crouch End for offering me the complimentary ticket to attend this Print Fair. This fair really did opened my eyes once again, after attending the Art14 of big art world work, then the AFF 2014 for the more connected to daily life work to this fair. The work avaliable varies from silk screen prints, graphic prints, wood cut prints, litho prints, etching prints… some of which i have touched at secondary school. It really amazed me how some of the etching prints were very detailed!! I noticed one Japanese art print work was hang on last year’s Summer exhibition too.. but oops, i forgot its name!!!! And honestly, I was quite surprised how artists’ work were like… i felt inspired, yet, I do wonder what have i really taken away from this exhibition?? mmm….

Although is not something I can easily do with, printing at home, but I feel inspired and happy to see how wonderful London is on promotion art work and still is…  this is what makes London special!

Afforable Art Fair Battersea Spring 2014














After Art14 London, I was lucky enough to have got given some private view tickets (from James Freeman Gallery) to this Affordable Art Fair Battersea Spring 2014. I have totally have enjoyed this art fair, on a personal note, I felt that the works are a lot more connected to my daily life and approachable…. or perhaps more similar to what i have once worked with in my art studies. My buddy pointed out that i like landscape work more, which is true… i do prefer landscapes but yet i did find some other work interesting too!

I love how I discovered a lot of new emerging artists names. After the exhibition, I went on and google search these few artists that got me interested. One of them was David Hinchliffe and another one i particularly love was this illustration alike work from Call me frank. I guess both of which are the style of work that i admire…

If anyone is interested in art and want to get inspired, I would definitely encourage you to attend this event in AAF Fall 2014.

A visit to Art14 London.

#instagram of ART14 LONDON, from Olympia station platform ha~

#Work of an Brazil artist, where landmark items are cutout and stick onto the guide book of that country.

#another shot… above.

#A comtempory painting of a monk on his bicycle

#Zhu xinyu’s painting, cannot do justice on a photo. when you look at it real, you can feel that deep soul….of this painting.

#Tianbing Li’s Sitting In Front Of The Propaganda.

#Mauro Piva’s handpainted paper art in frames.

#window painting of South Park… they killed Kenny…!

#Qin Chong’s burn cones on canvas.

Art14 London, I am so glad that i have managed to find a buddy to attend this event with me. I perhaps would go on my own next year if no one will want to go with me. I felt that it is truly worth the visit, particular you do get 2 for 1 offer, as they promote nearer the opening of the event.

When  you attend an exhibition, most likely you are only viewing one artist’s work in full scale. Here, you will see so many world artists’ talent showcase in one big event. Its amazing. Just like any art fair that also exist in London. London is such an amazing city full of art loving people.

I was amazed at many of the fine art works, their skills and talent… you wonder, how many years of training can you reached to this painting skills? Or how one’s creative can be like this??? And it does inspires any art loving individuals, such as myself, painting as a hobby…

I shall look forward for any other art fairs in the coming months and Art15 London in 2015.