After six months of being an expat in Hong Kong

If someone tell me I would get given the opportunity to work in Hong Kong. I probably wouldn’t believe it… until my firm did really gave me  this opportunity and until the point i have to pack my bags and on the plane that it really hit me .. it really is happening!!

I can truly say it was definitely a great experience to be in Hong Kong and being an expat. I suppose I cannot say I lived as an expat fully, as I can speak the local language fluently… I lived a life between a local and an expat. Did a lot of activities and exploring Hong Kong that I have never get to experience and see during my childhood…..




The arrival and having to adapt to a new culture and new lifestyle can be a little overwhelming but yet, you will be surprised how quickly one person can adapt and adjust so quickly..  and I love every single new experience that I have had.


My favourite area must be Sheung Wan located in the Hong Kong Island area, I often spend my lunch time with my camera exploring the scene and looking for great foods to eat. I love how close everything is and very easily access…. how there’s an uphill slope, how all the small traditional shops still exists and I hope they will never creased!, how the wet market brings a different vibe of HK, how it have a balance of Chinese and English shops/restaurants combine together….

and most importantly, this area gave me an extensive list of locations to try out all the foods that i can try while i am out there!!





And really glad to be able to stay at where I used to live in my childhood, having the time to explore and eat around the neighbourhood.. memorising my childhood, my primary school.. the wet market that my mother used to take me which has changed into a modern wet market…. The supermarket looks a lot smaller than what I though… that back door at McDonald still opens for entrance…  the 7-11 that I can easily pick up any snacks or a drink…

… a lot and a lot of things that you absorb and observes that words can not be used to explain what you have actually felt!





While I was there for work, my other purpose was to be a tourist of this city….I can’t express how lucky i am to get the time to explore this city. The islands and villages that i get to see, the temples… …. i can say i have went through different area of HK this time at least on MTR wise I did, maybe not every single locations but sufficient for the amount of time that i have had…



Dining on the street… in London, you seat out for the breeze and sun. In HK, you’ll eat dai pai dong for the local delicious wonton noodle.. !



That yummy golden french toast in Kam Wah….



Another amazing things of Hong Kong is how easy you can grab foods on your way home …beside the main meals, classic snacks are to die for, particularly the egg waffle that the photo below …. you often have to queue at least 5-10 minutes for a freshly made one. And that day i jumped the queue… as customers went off did not show up on time! ha!~~~





Don’t ever think only London have markets… HK have a few decent markets beside the famous wet market! The flower market, bird market, Temple street Night market, Ap Liu Street Eletronic market, Sneakers Street, Woman Street market and Fish Street…. all these are amazing scenes in HK that everyone include local should explore and enjoy! And of course, i went and visit every single one of them!



Have you ever seen such shop full of marinated meats for BBQ????




Beside the short winter in HK, you have to enjoy the warm humid weather that this city gets to offer…. I left in early May and the weather was at 28 degree approx…  their summer gets to pretty high like 35 degree. While you can in the pleasant time frame before the peak summer, make sure you enjoy the beauty nature that HK gets to offer…

I love hiking in HK. I didn’t get to do every single trail I want to try…but i did a few with friends or on Meet Up Hong Kong Hiking Group… You will regret if you never go and explore this part of HK!!! Best trail probably is the well known Dragon’s Back but others are equally amazing at its own rights! The most memorable one was probably the Tai Mo Shan hike that I went for sunrise, but I didn’t get to see the sun…. !




It makes me very happy to have met the people that i have managed to met… colleagues, friends of friends… university mates that i have not seen for ages since we graduated, friends from London… and friends that i have known from online for over 10 years!! You guys were amazing….. I’ve enjoyed the every single moments that we get to spend together…





How often you get to see scene like this?



Hong Kong made its name with tram on the HK Island.. ding ding as the local would call it. You will be surprised how many types of transportation that this cities offers…from metro, bus, taxi to tram.. there’s also small red or green vans that cut short the times you will need to go anywhere! I still did not get a chance to sit on the tram from beginning to the end terminal yet… one day! i will …and must do this!


And finally…. I can’t thank you my bestie Heidi enough for making my HK stay this amazing! I am super glad to have get to known her a lot better than anytime within the 14 years of friendship that we have had!!!   The x amount of first times that we have had together, the x places that we have been and activities that we did together…  our fei jai food tours, our extensive collection of that past 6 months selfies…… our cover photo, our lunches together, our encouragement for each other… thank you and thank you!!!!


Every time I look back at my HK photos and how much Heidi are there to be part of this amazing journey makes me smile and treasure this 6 months we have together even more and more…  the gorgeous Heidi is yet to come and I really believe you can achieve that!!!! Can’t wait for the July to come so I get to see this girl again!!!!

Hong Kong you’re amazing and I am I will be back soon again…! xxx




….是的,生日過了一天,今年生日決定不會怎樣的特別去慶祝,就只是在家靜靜的過著。 感受著平淡的幸福。各個好友不是在倫敦外,忙著結婚事兒,或是飛了去旅行。 要不就是那個朋友跟我反面了,都沒心情弄生日大會了。 往年的哪些搞生日派對已經不適合我了,人大了,只會覺得生日對於我只是多一個特別日子叫朋友吃飯而已。其實天天都可以叫他們吃飯啊,不要等到生日才叫。

生日早上,好友M早上問我什麼時候吃午飯,然後快到那個時間時叫我什麼也不要吃。 她一說便知道她會過來,還買了很多東西給我吃。超級感動的。更為她花了的錢而不好意思。 我們訴說今年是杯子蛋糕,上年是patisserie valerie的蛋糕,前年便是forever friend bear蛋糕。 過去三個生日一定有她陪我切蛋糕和許願的。 感恩。 這個福份不是人人能有,我要好好珍惜她這位朋友。

更要多謝好友H,遠在香港都DHL過來一張手做卡給我,很感動。 真的,現在誰會有時間做手藝啊。 如果有人手作東西給你,請真的要好好多謝。 一張貼滿我大頭照的卡及裡面很暖的祝福。 是啊,我們去到這個歲數,不是社會會給壓力我們說什麼敗犬不婚,要不就是所謂的中女?? 可悲的是,我現在到數30,可喜的是,樣子給很多人說是24/5。 還是單身一個,緣分天注定,只可努力做好快樂的自己,看看那天碰到他囉。我深信,懂得欣賞我的終會出現的。時辰沒到,哈哈~~

有個同事看到我舊的工作ID,便說你那個時候你樣子很幼齒,但現在你的外表很有智性似的。是吧,拋開書包都好幾年了,如果不讓歲月裡泡一下,我想我還是空腦子一個的人。 加上,工作過,旅行過,見識多了,對自己的性格都有所改變。 別人老是覺得我頭大無腦,但一要認真起上來,我想的東西比我母親還要遠。

是次生日是有點想想自己想怎樣走下去。 人是要不斷進步的,而我有壞脾氣真的要好好改掉,性格可以更進步的。 更要該珍惜和父母哥的相處。 當然,工作方面今年一定要找到新突破,現在太舒服了。 旅行會繼續去,見識這個世界。 心靈也要繼續修補。 要好好學習我所喜歡的興趣,變成專業!!! 哈哈~

只要活的自在,不需要理會他人說的東西。 自己開心便成。 最緊要健康快樂。 共勉之。

CNY is the past, kick start Suzie..



西洋新年時,一直都沒有回顧過去一年的習慣。 沒有反省一下自己過去一年幹了些什麼。 突然覺得活了這麼多年,我究竟有沒有反省過,思考過我得著了什麼??

在2013年,擁有過短暫的愛情,從這段愛情裡,學習了很多東西。以及從新認識了自己,原來我都可以很indecisive的!! 還是那句,愛情是會讓你變盲的。這次成長了,也有好的得著,受了他的影響,我開始努力為我的目標而儲蓄了。 也看見,我也有公主病的一面,要改進的。但原來我做飯也有一手的說。

做了一件,我曾經在2012年跟某君說過我要嘗試滑雪,怎知道我做到了。滑雪易學難精,但很享受滑下去的那一刻。 第一次去了很休閒的旅行,天天不是曬太陽走走路,弄弄飯吃,就是談天說地。就這樣過了休閒假期。 兩位好友結婚,做了其一的姐妹,見證著他們的愛情是多麼的感人啊。沒有慨歎自己還是單身,學會享受單身。也見識了老外的單身派對是怎麼辦的,喝得很瘋的。  突如其來的決定,讓我跟兩位好友踏上了冰島之旅,來了幾天寒風風景游,看見了北極光,也證明睡得少吃得少,是會瘦的。

整體來說,我是懶惰了。工作方面沒有那麼上心,是工作久了的病態還是覺得自己的路變朦了?? 讀書,還是要努力進行的!!! 今年我要passed 這個階段,拜託我的腦子專心點吧!!! 就連自己的興趣,都沒怎樣起勁。 說了多年要弄懂FM2怎樣拍,還是沒弄懂。 唯一可喜的是我的Natura Classica旅遊膠卷系列還是繼續進行中。 烘培? 什麼很久都沒弄,就連分享食譜文都懶惰了! 失敗的說, 今年一定要常常嘗試新食譜,要不就是對不起我的一眾食譜書啊! 哈~ 過了西洋新年,我畫了一幅畫。自從2002年Art AS Level 就沒有碰過畫筆了,真的很高興我做到我想做的。

朋友家人,很是很感恩有他們的陪伴我長成,大家一起學習。 父母,還是帶點作女兒任性的對待,這點我一定要改進!!!! 一月中,發生了一些事,驚覺我也會做出沒理會其他人的感受的事情。 經一事,長一智。

今年,真的希望我可以做個更好的我,Be a better me!


近日,在某個卜看見那位筆者寫著,50件讓自己幸福的事。心感有趣,也想寫寫看。 我們做人,永遠都盤算著什麼不好,那樣不好。可不看看細節的東西,感恩一下這個世界原來對你不錯呢。

1. 和媽咪,一時談心一時互相臭罵。
2. 跟哥哥facetime。
3. 去旅行時,打電話回家報平安。
4. 給別人拍下一家幅。
5. 和哥哥,各人拿著ipad分享大家所看到有趣的事兒。
6. 早上給自己弄了杯漂亮的奶茶。
7. 給爸爸在電話小罵時,是多麼的氣但又感恩。
8. 去Bubbleology喝到可以拿杯免費的。
9. 享受著英式下午茶。
10. 跟好友們在威爾斯來個休閒的週末。
11. 給好友last minute叫出去吃lunch和喝咖啡。
12. 點了一杯Latte和一件Mille feuille後,開心地坐著。
13. 找到新開的餐廳,按下”confirm booking”的鍵。
14. 拿著我的Fujifilm Natura Classica構圖後,按下快門那瞬間。
15. 看見藍天白雲。
16. 和旅遊伙伴,一同回憶旅行時發生的趣事。
17. 和爸爸一起看龍貓動畫。
18. 拿著拍完的膠卷,給沖洗店沖洗。
19. 感恩,自己是健康快樂的。
20. 和爸爸媽媽一起飲茶。
21. 拿著照片包裹,去咖啡店坐著,慢慢一面喝咖啡一面欣賞著照片。
22. 給爸爸問了條IQ 問題。
23. 看見爸爸媽媽互相笑罵對方。
24. 給好友們狂發whatsapp。
25. 在卜上分享自己所拍的旅遊照。
26. 收到明信片的一刻。
27. 看著已洗好照片時所帶驚喜。
28. 和三五知己喫茶聊天。
29. 計劃旅遊行程。
30. 買到喜歡的外地雜誌。
31. 和好友分享喜怒哀樂。
32. 在網上購物時,按下”order”鍵後。
33. 拿著相機,閒閒的逛著,尋找我心中喜愛的圖。
34. 早上洗臉後,看著鏡子自信地對自己笑一笑。
35. 嘗試新食譜,成品順利出爐。
36. 帶瓶酒,去朋友家作客。
37. 看著韓國的Running Man,自我笑翻椅子。
38. 和哥哥一起看著怪談節目。
39. 飛機在當地降落。
40. 找到新的咖啡店,品嚐他們的Flat White。
41. 在炎熱的天氣下,來杯half ice的Iced Latte。
42. 拉朋友出來和我試吃美食。
43. 在柬埔寨,騎著quad bike在riverside path飛馳。
44. 給按摩師按了一個小時。
45. 回到家,立刻有媽咪的愛心飯吃。
46. 去Ikea的小吃部,放個冰淇淋杯在冰淇淋機裡,看著它由空杯變成滿滿的。
47. 收集每個旅遊城市的地標小模型。
48. 逛超市,買著喜歡吃的食材。
49. 看到小巴哥和波美拉尼亞犬在草地上奔跑。
50. 噴上我喜愛的Jo Malone香水。

雙十,又…. 過得很快樂.

是的~~~~! 又過了一年的生日。

生日前,自己再一次反問自己,我一生去到此我有什麼成就呢?? 很正常的反問,很正常的思考。 是的,自己的人生是自己跟自己的比賽,而不是跟其他人比賽。 自己喜歡做什麼就做吧,人生要勇敢一點。 我常說,每個人都會追求自己的快樂,做那樣會讓你自己很快樂,但那個行為可能會對其他人產生不快。但如果你堅定你的行為,就向前吧。

今年年頭,發生了一些事情,讓我體驗到我身邊家人和好友的支持和幫助。再一次謝謝愛護及珍惜我的人。 亦要多謝在我人生中路過的一些人,是你們讓我人生更廣闊更多體驗,就算那是快樂的或是悲痛的,也很謝謝您們。

將來的事,誰可知? 不過我很清楚知道,我自己的人生該怎樣,帶著好的心去對面對每個人我會遇著的人。
人生短暫,不要浪費時間,好好去見識這個世界,去學習怎樣活的更快樂,更開心和更優質的。 優質,不是物質的那些,而是自我看待人生。