Banana chiffon cake 
Poppy seed chiffon cake 
Green tea chiffon cake
Pandan chiffon cake 
Marble chiffon cake 
Sweet potato chiffon cake 

mixed fruit cream cake
Hummingbird bakery carrot cake 
poppy seed lemon cake 
banana pound cake 

mini hydrangea cupcakes
gooseberry crumble cupcake
strawberry cheesecake cupcake 
oreo cupcake ii
oreo cupcake
HB replica.. red velvet cupcakes
red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting
red velvet in the snow
madeleines au miel

cookies and biscuits
cranberries cookies 
pistachio crunchy biscuit

cheesecake and cold desserts
lemon cheesecake 
banana oreo cheesecake 
baked peppermint chocolate cheesecake 
passion fruit vs vanilla yoghurt mousse
berries charlotte

desserts and puddings
mango pudding
pineapple crumble with icecream
crepe with icecream, fruits and nutella sauce
mango sago with rice dumplings
coconut sago with grass jelly and lychee

rum & raisins icecream

raisins toast loaf 
milk tangzhong toast loaf 
coconut Roll 
ham and cheese loaf 
red bean bun 

Chinese sweets
piggy mooncake
agar agar egg 
red bean cake 
red bean tang yuan 
Hong Kong street cake 
taro and green tea pastries 

Chinese savoury
rice dumpling for dragon boat festival 

Chinese new year
red bean lin go 
taro cake
raddish Cake 
lin go with egg
raddish pastry 
water chestnut cake 
New Year dumplings
coconut milk lin go

teriyaki beef udon with soft boiled egg
lobster tail grapefruit avocado salad
meatballs in tomato sauce with penne
chicken thigh with brocoli and mushroom in oyster sauce


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