I want to try to cook something new every weekend as my mother cooks during the week… and there I want to play around with dough ball and make the famous spinach and egg pizzette!! It taste so good when the egg is warm but runny…

Pizza dough
**Make half a portion if you just got to serve two person with sides
500g strong white flour
300ml tepid water
15g salt (2 teaspoons)
7g fast action dried yeast (or 15g if you can get your hands on fresh)
Once mixed into a ball, you knead the dough for about 10 minutes on a floured surface, stretching the dough using the palm of your hand to push out and roll it back into the centre. Continue until you get a bouncy dough ball.
Once kneaded, you can place your dough in a bowl covered with cling film and leave it in somewhere warm to raise. I normally heat the microwave up with a mug of water for a mintue, after place the dough in bowl and the mug into the microwave and leave it there, until its double in size.

Divide the dough into 12 pieces and roll it out approx 20 cm disk and then add whatever toppings you want. And bake for 6-7 mins in gas mark 9 or 350C depending on the ingredients you used.



full english brunch


Oh la la….. simply, this is how you do it for a weekend full english brunch…

Sunny side up or pan fry eggs
English sausages
Crispy bacons *Emphasis it has to be crispy!!*
Baked beans
Yoghurt with fresh fruits
A glass of orange juice
A cup of English tea with milk / coffee

oh la la… i m looking forward for my weekend. xx

kimchi fried spaghetti with egg


ello ello….. i was pretty into Korean foods for over three weekends and literately cooked a korean meal per weekend hhaa~ until i got bored myself that i wanted to try something different but not when i went into the Chinese supermarket and saw some reasonably priced kimchi.

kimchi, pork, kimchi, pork.

don’t know what i will make but i will buy it first and think later…

i have so many recipes i wanted to try on my weekend cooking but i was lazy and had a run in the park, come back and went to my mom  “you can take spicy foods, right… ha~ ” . tbh, this is not that spicy as i didn’t add additional hot chilli paste where some recipes asked for. it was good spicy level on a personal preference, as the kimchi was super spicy… haha~

normal recipe ask for noodles, of course, but we had none that i felt it matches with kimchi, i want something thicker than rice noodle… so spaghetti it is! This recipe inspired from normal kimchi fried rice which i m sure everyone knows…

spaghetti (can use instant noodle or thicker noodle), cooked with salt and a splash of oil, drained
kimchi, cut into pieces if not already is *separate the juice aside
spring onions, cut into 2 inch length
pork, cut into pieces
korean fishcakes (the one you use for rice cake dish), cut into stripes
onion, cut into stripes
soy sauce

*my ingredients portion were quite free, you add whatever you have got or preferred more of… don’t let measuring cup lead you, you decide yourself =)

Pan fry the onion until almost see through, add in the pork, stir fry it until almost golden. then put in the fish cakes, fry until all ingredients turned into golden. Plate it up, aside.
Oil into pan, fry the kimchi until the aroma comes through, add the cooked spaghetti, the onion, pork and fishcake, add in the some kimchi juice if you want it a little more spicy. Add in the spring onion too, stir fry well. add a splash of soy sauce, roughly a tablespoon; seasoning to your taste. salt is often sufficient. stir fry until all cook through and spaghetti is heat up.

Divide it into two plate, like a mountain.

Pan in some oil, medium heat, crack an egg in. keep it in medium heat for a sunny side up, else you will get a rough egg white not smooth one. cook for 4-5 mins until the white is cooked and by then the yolk should be warmed through. Plate on top of the spaghetti.

homemade Ikea meatballs with mash


Special thanks to 煮家男人 Bob’s your uncle‘s video, which I’ve followed to make this dish. Have to say, the man who can cook is pretty attractive too hhaa~~

Who have never been to Ikea to grab some homeware and pop into the canteen for some reasonably priced casual lunch/dinner. My favourite is Ikea meatball with mash, the kid portion is enough for me… 5 meatballs and a spoonful of mash with gravy!~~ I have made meatball before in tomato sauce so its nothing new to me but with this one… the Ikea alike gravy, I cannot stop myself from trying it out. Very simple and easy recipe to follow.

The original video is here.

Else, I have watched it and made some notes for you guys.

250g Minced beef 免治牛肉
250g of minced pork 免治豬肉
1 Onion diced 洋蔥1個
1 Apple, blended into puree 蘋果1個
1 tbsp Milk 牛奶1湯匙
Half tsp Salt 鹽半茶匙
Half tsp of black pepper 黑胡椒粉半茶匙
1 tbsp of breadcrumbs 麵包糠1湯匙
Ground nutmeg *only if you got a jar already, else can omit.

40g Unsalted butter 牛油
1/4 quarter cup of cornflour 生粉

600ml of beef stock 牛肉清湯
2 tbsp of sour cream 酸忌廉

Parsley to garnish 香芹葉少許
Buttered Mash

Quick notes… hhaa

Melt 20g of butter and fry the onion until see through, leave to cool
Blend the apple into puree with 1 tsp of sugar.
Mix these two items together.

Add milk
Add 1 tbspn of breadcrumbs
Half tsp of salt and pepper
Add the pork and beef. Mixed well.
Leave it it to firm up, for at least an hour or so.

Make the meatballs by hand. Approx. 30 balls.

Heat Pan up, fry in medium heat with 3 tbspn of oil. Pan fry till brown, 4 mins each side until cooked. And leave aside.

Pan with remaining oil and melt the remaining 20g butter. Add the flour in, add the beef stock. Add 100ml each time and whisk well until boiling up.
Then add in the meatball and turn the heat down to simmer, cook for 10 mins. Add salt and sour cream. Mix well. **Bob add the parsley here into the sauce**

Serve on mash and pour the meatball and sauce on top.
Sprinkle parsley to garnish and serve.

migoreng with egg


Surprisingly, as they say, you eat a better breakfast while you’re on vocation than you are at home, on your daily basis.

There we were, making Mi goreng with egg for one of our Malta trip breakfasts. Of course, this could in fact be a good brunch idea too.

Mi goreng 1 pack
An egg

Hob on, sauce pan with water just enough to cover the noodle. Ideally, this should be cold water, noodle in as it is boiling. Once the noodle start to loosen, use your chopstick to stir it loosely and pull the noodle up in the air; do this a few times… until the noodle is cooked.

This method has been said will make the noodles more swollen and taste a lot more refreshing due to the air being absorb into the noodle!? I have tried this once… it does make the noodle taste different but I prefer the old way though….

At the time as you was cooking the noodle, frying pan on, cooking oil or butter (we used butter due to ingredients limitation), crack the egg and pan fry til the white are golden and yolk to your preference.

When the noodle are cooked, drained it and shake it a while to get all the water off the noodle. Empty the sachets of sauces into a plate/shallow bowl. Drop your noodle in, stir it well and place the cooked egg on top. Viola.